Making your Service Charge Payments

The Service Charge relates to your daily living expenses and your personal support needs which are classed under national legislation as ‘Ineligible Service Charges’ and therefore cannot legally be funded by any housing benefit claim made within this Exempt Accommodation Service.  This cost must be covered from your other income benefits.  

Utilities: Heating, Lighting, Hot water, Water rates, WIFI, Health & safety

Support & Signposting: Access to support worker, Signposting, Referral to specialist services, Accessing Resources, Benefit support, Property Management.

  • Your support worker will discuss the amount of service charge you are expected to pay and the frequency.
  • You can pay weekly or monthly by bank Transfer
  • When making payment please put your Initials, room and house number as the reference
  • Example: ( SG R2 77)
  • We will not allow anymore than 2 late payments. Failure to pay will result in potential eviction.

Sort Code:      30-92-18
Account NO:   30573968